Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Featured below are some helpful tips in getting started with Streamline. Here are some FAQs and answers to assist you!


Do you offer tax services?

Yes! We process federal, state, unemployment, and local tax payments. We manage compliance rules and regulations daily to ensure accuracy.

Do you offer workers' compensation insurance?

Yes! Our carriers will contact you directly.

Does Streamline do payroll for businesses located outside of PA?

Absolutely! While we are located in Bristol, Pennsylvania, we serve clients all over the United States.

My business only has one employee. Can I still use Streamline's services?

Absolutely! We do payroll for clients with anywhere from one employee to 5000.


How do my employees and I report our hours?

You can choose to call, email, or fax in your hours — or key them in online.

How do we get started?

Click here and select "Get your free quote" or call (267) 557-3600 to contact our office and get in touch with the sales team. We will send you an estimate based on your company's needs and size. Streamline is guaranteed to beat competitors' prices by 15%.

How can I receive my payroll reports?

Reports can be delivered via courier, USPS, or a password protected email.

Why did my employee(s) receive a paper check after new direct deposit information was provided?

All new direct deposit information is verified by our bank to ensure no funds are transferred to the wrong account.

How do I fill out my W-4? How many exemptions should I claim?

For the best results, contact your accountant or go to's 2018 Withholding Calculator.