Time and Attendance


Why Automate Time Keeping you may ask?

Answer: Simplicity, Accuracy and Compliance


Our system will auto calculate employees' hours worked daily to ensure accuracy. It will help you manage and track overtime and archive the time card history. You will reduce payroll preparation time and eliminate human error. FLSA does require that: Time tracking records (no matter how you collect the data) for non exempt employees must include certain identifying information about the employee, data about their hours worked and the wages earned. The law requires this information to be accurate. (https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs21.htm) Our Work Force Management Solution's functionality and features will provide you with that compliance.

Employers can choose from online WebPunch, Mobile applications with GPS or a Biometric finger reader. You can track and manage PTO, as well as job costs, tasks, department and locations. Your time keeping data imports into Streamline Payroll's software - there is no need to manually key anything into payroll.